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Building & Contents

How much cover do you need?

The key to buying buildings insurance is to get the right type and level of cover. Make sure you answer truthfully and accurately when your insurance company asks if there’s anything unusual about your home. If you miss something important, a future claim could be rejected. Our expert advisors at Simply Choice Services Ltd can help you with all the details to make sure the buildings insurance cover you buy is right for you.

Contents insurance: choose the right policy and cover

When you are buying contents insurance you need to make sure you have got just the right amount of cover – too much cover and you are paying more than you need, too little and your insurance company might not pay out if you need to claim.


You can decide which type of policy you prefer. However, you need to be aware that if you use a comparison site you may not get a choice, as the site will ask you how much contents cover you want and will pick policies which offer this. At Simply Choice Services Ltd we can advise you on your options and help you to make sure your contents insurance is tailored to your needs. Contact us in Blackburn to make an appointment or for more information.

Insuring your personal possessions is very important

You need to check your insurer’s definition of ‘valuables’, as this can vary widely. Then you need to check the ‘single article limit’ which is the most the insurer will pay out in the event of a claim. For many contents policies this is around £1,500, (although for some insurers this can be as high as £15,000). So if you have an engagement ring, or a valuable worth more than the single article limit, you need to tell your insurer about it (and you’ll probably pay a bit extra to get it covered).


  • Personal possessions cover – which covers things like wallets, jewellery, and laptops that you take outside the home
  • Legal cover to pay for court costs
  • Accidental damage for things like paint spills on your carpet
  • Home emergency cover for plumbing, heating and other emergencies

Keeping your contents policy up-to-date

You need to make sure you keep your insurance company up-to-date with your circumstances. So if, for example, you splashed out on some antiques, electronics or jewellery that are worth more than your single item limit on your policy you should let them know.


Likewise, if you’ve made a series of major purchases or replaced a lot of the furniture in your home, you may need to increase the total sum insured.
Many standard policies do not insure people who have a lodger, so if you take in a lodger you need to let your insurer know – not disclosing this information could invalidate your policy.


At Simply Choice Services Ltd our advisors can help you assess the value of your belongings and make sure your building and contents insurance cover is adequate for your needs. Contact us in Blackburn for more information.

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